Grocery Hauls, Price Comparisons and Tracking


With the crazy prices of Groceries now, and it looks like they are not coming down in price any time soon - thank you inflation - I've decided I will track my Grocery costs for the year.

I currently use a Shops the Sales and Stock Up method - sprinkled with a little couponing.  I used to Price match the sales flyers at Real Canadian Superstore, but they have tightened their Price Match policy and limit quantities.  I now pop into various stores on my way home from work and grab the few things I want - and in the quantities I want.  I've discovered in doing this, I don't have to dedicate and entire Saturday morning to groceries - it's just an additional 15 - 20 minutes on my way home.  Also, in visiting different stores, I've been stumbling across great in-store sales and discounts - saving me even more.

Loblaws the closest grocery stores to me - and as most of us just drive to the closest store and do all their groceries in one swoop - I will be comparing my prices to this store.  

I look forward to seeing just how much I'm saving and looking forward finding more ways to save!