Where to Find the Best Deal on Tide Pods


Talking with my Sister the other day, and she was mentioning how crazy expensive Tide Pods had become.  

I, personally, am to cheap to buy them full price, so I usually use liquid, but I've decided to dig in and see exactly how expensive they are, and where is the best place to buy them.

Tide Pods come in different quantities, so I broke down their prices by pod.

I tried to use the largest size they had available online, and only compare the Original 3-in-1.   (Costco I had to compare the Meadow Breeze).

This is what I found:

The cheapest Tide Pods in Ottawa is at the Wholesale Club on Cyrville - and $0.23 each.

The second best deal was on Amazon at $0.27 each.  If you sign up for Subscribe and Save, it drops the price to $14.70 - making them $0.26 - and delivered straight to your door!!

Third place goes to Freshco, No Frills, RCSS and Walmart - all landing at $0.30 each. 

Tide Pods are still too rich for my blood - and dirty laundry - but I hope this helps.