The $2 Grocery List


Here is what a toonie will get you this week - no coupon required!

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Farm Boy  -  Feb 24 - March 2
Green Beans $1.99/lb
Chicken Drumsticks $1.99/lb
Cheese Curds $1.99/100g
Farm Boy Coconut Cream or Milk 400ml $1.99
Bartlett Pears $1.49/lb
Avocado, Large $1..67ea
Sweet Potatoes $1.29/lb
Vine Ripened Tomatoes $1.99/lb
Green Onions $0.83 bunch
Radishes $0.83 bunch
Seedless Cucumbers $1.25ea
Eggplant $1.49/lb
Green Peppers $1.29/lb
Broccoli Crowns $1.49/lb

Farmer's Pick  -  Feb 24 - March 2
Red Seedless Grapes $1.99/lb
Chicken Drumsticks $1.99/lb
Le Veneziane Gluten Free Pasta $1.99
Mangos, Large $1.50ea
Green Zucchini $0.99/lb
Ilios Gnocchi 500g $0.99 
Divella Cookies $1.99

Food Basics  -  Feb 24 - March 2
White or Russet Potatoes 10lbs $1.88
Blueberries 170g $1.88
Dare, Breton or Vinta Crackers $1.88
Town House or Cheez-it Crackers $1.88
Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks $1.88/lb
Broccoli Crowns $1.98 ea
Hot House Tomatoes $1.98/lb
Seedless Cucumbers $1.25ea
Acorn, Buttercup, Butternut or Spaghetti Squash $1.48/lb
Walnuts Jumbo $1.99/lb
Cedar Canned Beans $0.99
Hans Dahi Yogurt 750g $1.99
Divya or Surati Frozen Vegetables 340g $1.25
Divya or Lazeez Frozen Spring Rolls or Samosas 400g $1.99
Divya Entrees $1.99
Soya Chaap Meals $1.99
Maggi Masala Noodles 5/$1
Parle G Biscuits $0.79
Kurkure Snacks $0.79
Beatrice Chocolate Milk 1L $1.88
Yoplait Tubes or Minigo $1.88
Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes $1.88
Hamburger Helper $1.88
Nestle or Hershey Chocolate Bars $0.88
Selection Water 24s $1.88
Bugle Snacks $1.99
Dole Canned Pineapple $1.25ea
Selection or Irresistible Chips $1.99
Selection Flavoured Sparkling Water 1L $0.99
Selection Yellow Mustard 400ml $0.99
Old El Paso Shells or Tortillas 125-334g $1.99
Clover Leaf or Oceans Tuna $1.67
Mott's Garden Cocktail $1.50

Foodland  -  Feb 24 - March 2
Broccoli $1.99 ea
Compliments Hot Dog Wieners $1.99
Compliments Chips $1.99  (wub3 or more)
Seedless Cucumbers $1.99ea
Betty Crocker Frostings $1.99  (wub2 or more)
Compliments Frozen Punch $0.79
Compliments Granola Bars $1.99  (wub2 or more)
Pringles $2  (wub2 or more)
Compliments Broth 900ml $1.99
Compliments Tuna $1.50
Bush's Bakes Beans $2
Compliments Marshmallows' $2
Compliments White Vinegar 1L or Cider Malt Vinegars 500ml $1.50
Eight Treasures Coconut Milk 400ml $1.39
Organic Bananas $1.19/lb
Hershey Chocolate Bars $0.88  (wub2 or more)
Compliments Frozen Hash Browns 1kg $1.99

Freshco  - Feb 24 - March 2
Compliments Hot Dog Wieners $1.50
Swanson Chicken or Beef Pies $1
Michelina's Frozen Entrees $1
Bagel Bites $1
Lancia Pasta 900g $1.25
Bendetto Passata 680ml $1.25
Divella Passata 660ml $1.25
Steam & Go Baby Potatoes 454g $1
Roma Tomatoes $1.50/lb
Green Peppers $2/lb
Sweet Potatoes / Yams $1/lb
Green Cabbage $2 ea
Deglet Nour Pitted Dates 200g $1.50
Walnuts In Shell $2/lb
Laughing Cow Cheese 8pk $2
Dempster's Bread $2
Signature Rolls 5pk $2
Monster Energy Drinks $2
Starbucks Drinks $2
Red Bull Energy Drinks $2
Campbell's Chunky Soup $2
Powerade 710ml $1
Peace Tea $1
Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes $1.75
Hamburger Helper $1.75
Compliments Cranberry or Vegetable Cocktail 1.89L $2
Pillsbury Cookie Dough 400-468g $2
Pringles, Bugles or Hawkins Snacks $2
Divya Okra Frozen 315g $1.19
Surati Snacks 341g $1.99
Yop Yogurt Drinks $0.75
Clover Leaf Tuna or Sardine Fillets $2
Cadbury or Nestle Chocolate Bars $1
Nestle Promo Frozen Ice Cream Novelty $2
Viva Puff Cookies or Wagon Wheels $2
Heinz Baked Beans $1

Giant Tiger  - Feb 23 - March 1
Baby Spinach $1.97
Spring Mix $1.97
Grape Tomatoes pint $1.97
Celery $1.47ea
Iceberg Lettuce $1.47ea
Primo Pasta 454g $0.67
Giant Value Canned Mushrooms $0.87
Campbell's Broth 900ml $1.47
Kraft Dinner $1.25
Voortman Cookies $2
Christie Snack Packs $2
Duncan Hines Cake Mix or Frosting $1.50
Giant Value Jujubes 350g $2

Loblaws  - Feb 24 - March 2
Canary or Santa Claus Melon $1.49/lb
Cavendish Farms Fries or Hash Browns $1.99 (pc optimum members)
Campbell's Broth 900ml $1.79
Cheez-Its Crackers $1.79 (pc optimum members)
Unico Beans $1.29
Unico Tomatoes $1.69
Knorr Sidekicks $2 (wub3 or more)
Michelina's Frozen Entrees $1.50 (wub2 or more)

Metro  - Feb 24 - March 2
Yop Yogurt Drink $0.99
Powerade $0.99
Glaceau Vitamin Water $0.99
Green Zucchini $1.29/lb
Sweet Potatoes $1.29/lb
Que Pasa Tortilla Chips $0.99 (with Metro App)
Red Prince Apples $1.69/lb
Rocha Pears $1.69/lb
Seedless Cucumbers $1.99ea
Green Cabbage $0.89/lb
Kellogg's Caramel Corn Pops Cereal 320g $1.99ea
Bananas $0.69/lb
Selection Condensed Soups $0.99
Selection Soup Mixes $0.99
Unico Tomato Paste $0.79
Selection Canned Vegetables $0.79
Minute Maid Juices 1L $2 (wub2 or more)

No Frills  - Feb 24 - March 2
Whole Chicken $1.88/lb
Pork Combo Chops $1.99/lb
Maple Leaf Chicken, Turkey or Ham Flakes $0.99
Vienna Sausages $0.99
Holiday Luncheon Meat $0.99
Unico Pasta Sauce 680ml $0.99
Italpasta Pasta 750g $0.99
Grape Tomatoes pint $1.99
Green Cabbage $0.79/lb
Nectarines or Peaches $1.99/lb
Black Plums $1.99/lb
Anjou or Bosc Pears $1.49/lb
Royal Gala Apples $1.49/lb
Red Mangos $0.99ea
Swift Beef, Chicken or Turkey Pot Pies $1
PC Free, Sparkling Ice or Montellier Waters 1L $1
PC Spring Water 4L $1
Sunrise Tofu Desserts 2x150g $1
Go Crab Flavoured Frozen Flake Style Surimi 200g $1
SOS Steel Pads 10s $1
Renuzit Air Freshener $1
Simply Juice or Lemonade 340ml $1
Sunny D 1.89L $2
Kool Aid Jammers 10s $2
Clover Leaf Salmon $2
Stagg Chili $2
Ziggy's Fresh Pasta 360g $2
Goldfish Crackers $2
No Name Pickles 1L $1
Nestle Large Chocolate Bars $2
Wonder Ballpark Buns $2
PC Herbal Teas 20s $1.99
No Name Coffee Whitener 450g $1.99
No Name Coffee Filters 100s $1.99
No Name Peanuts 500g $1.99
Old Dutch or Pringles Chips $1.99
Dare Crackers $2 (wub2 or more)
Annie's Macaroni and Cheese 170g $1.99
Coke and Pepsi Soft Drinks 2L $1.29
Yop Yogurt Drink $0.89
Glaceau Vitmain or Smart Water $1.69
Hershey's Chocolate Bars $0.89

Real Canadian Superstore  - Feb 24 - March 2
Russet Potatoes 10lbs $1.47
Wonder Bread $2 ea (wub2 or more)
Wonder Hot dog or Burger Buns $2ea (wub2 or more)
Goldfish Crackers $2
No Name Peanuts 500g $1.99
PC Vegan Broth 1L $1.69
PC Tea 20s $1.99
PC 100% Juice 1L $1
No Name Tuna $1
No Name Broth $1
Ataulfo or Red Mangos $1.29ea
Iceberg Lettuce $1.99ea
Little Debbies Snack Cakes $2
Gay Lea Sour Cream 500ml $1.99
Campbell's Condensed Soups $0.89ea
Allen's Apple Juice 1.89L $2
Palmolive Dish Soap 828ml $1.99
Go Pure Bars $1.99
Voortman Cookies $1.99
Viva Puff Cookies $1.99
Wagon Wheels $1.99
Swiss Chalet Gravy or Sauce Mixes $1.25
Campbell's Premium Condensed Soups $1.50ea (wub3 or more)

Shopper's Drug Mart  -  Feb 26 - March 3
Christie Cookies or Crackers $2ea (wub2 or more) Sat-Sun only
Rooster Brand Coconut Milk 398ml $1.49
No Name Evaporated Milk 354ml $1.49
Wonder Bread $1.99 Sat-Sun only
Colgate Maxfresh Toothpaste 52ml $0.88 Sat-Sun only ($0.99 rest of week)
Crest Complete +Scope 50ml $0.88 Sat-Sun only ($0.99 rest of week)
Royale Facial Tissues $0.99
No Name Paper Towels 2pk $0.99
No Name Dish Soap 800ml $1.99
PC Dish Soap 739ml $1.99
Palmolive Dish Soap 828ml $1.99
PC Decadent Cookies $1.99
Neilson Chocolate Milk 1L $1.49 Sat-Sun only
Stouffers Homestyle or Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees $1.99 Sat-Sun only
PC Decadent Chocolate Chips $2 ea (wub2 or more)
PC Buttermilk Pancake Mix $2ea (wub2 or more)
Dr Oetker Sherriff Pie Filling $1.99
Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1.99
Powerade or Gatorade 710ml $1.50 (wub2 or more)
Maple Leaf Vienna Sausage $1.79
Clover Leaf Tuna $1.79
Barilla Pasta 410g $1.79
Campbell's Cup Noodle Soup $1.34 (wub3 or more)
Uncle Ben's Fast & Fancy Rice $1.34 (wub3 or more)
Almond Breeze 946ml $2 (wub2 or more)
Whiskas Temptation Cat Treats 85g $2 (wub2 or more)
Quaker Harvest, Dipps or Chewy Granola Bars $1.88
Coke or Pepsi Soft Drinks 2L $1.67 (wub3 or more)
Heinz Pasta or Baked Beans $1.99
Campbell's Premium Condensed Soups $1.99
Chef Boyardee $1.67ea (wub3 or more)
Clover Leaf Smoked Oysters or Mussels 85g $1.99
PC Blue Menu Beans $1.33 (wub3 or more)
No Name Canned Tomatoes $1.33ea (wub3 or more)
PC Bottled Water 12s $1.50ea (wub2 or more)
PC 100% Juice Boxes 5s $1.50 (wub2 or more)
Glad Cling Wrap 30m $1.49
No Name Aluminum Foil 25' or Plastic Wrap 30m $1.49
Nestle Snax 50g or King Sized Chocolate Bars $1.79
Hershey's Theater sized Candy $1.99
Quaker Crispy Minis $1.67ea (wub3 or more)
No Name Chips $0.99
Carnaby Sweet Candy 400g $2 (wub2 or more)
Lipton Cup a Soup $1.50 (wub2 or more)
Knorr Sidekicks $1.50ea (wub2 or more)
Kraft Dinner $1.50ea (wub2 or more)

Sobeys  - Feb 24 - March 2
Compliments Pasta 900g $0.99
Hunt's Rick & Thick Pasta Sauce $0.99
Yop Yogurt Drink $1 (wub6)
Smart Ones Frozen Entrees $1.99ea (wub2 or more)
Compliments Soft Drinks 2L $0.94
Carnation Evaporated Milk 354ml $1.50
Radish Bunch $1.99ea
Panache Frozen Appetizers 540g $2
Compliments Perogies 1kg $1.99
Compliments Frozen Entrees $1.49ea (wub2 or more)
Compliments Mini Rice Crisps $1.67
Compliments Granola Bars $1.99
Compliments Coconut Milk 400ml $1.89
Betty Crocker Cake Mix or Frosting $1.69ea (wub2 or more)
Scotties Tissues $1.99ea
Best Buy Paper Towels 2pk $1.99
Compliments Frozen Fries 1kg $1.99
Compliments Tomato Paste $0.99ea (wub2 or more)
Compliments Beans $1.69

Walmart  - Feb 24 - March 2
All Purpose Potatoes 10lbs $1.47
Pringles $1.97
Roma Tomatoes $1.97/lb
Gala Apples $1.47/lb
Whole White or Brown Mushrooms 227g $1.97
Canada Red Pasta Sauce 640ml $1.77
Great Value Frozen Entrees $0.83ea (wub6)

Your Independent Grocer  - Feb 24 - March 2
Pork Loin Combo Chops $1.99/lb
Cavendish Farms Fries or Hash Browns $1.99 (pc optimum members)
Campbell's Broth 900ml $1.79
Cheez-Its Crackers $1.79 (pc optimum members)
Unico Beans $1.29
English Cucumbers $1.99ea
Papaya $1.99/lb
Unico Tomatoes $1.69
Knorr Sidekicks $2 (wub3 or more)
Michelina's Frozen Entrees $1.50 (wub2 or more)