$48 Enfamil and Playtex Coupons

I received $48 in Enfamil and Playtex coupons by signing up for the Enfamil Family Beginnings offer!

It includes:

FREE Enfamil A+ Nursette 6 pack (6x59ml)
FREE Enfamil Standard Flow Soft Nipple 3 pack
FREE Enfamil A+ Gentlease Single Serve Packets 16
FREE Playtex Nurser with Drop Ins Liners Bottle 118ml or 236ml
$8 off Enfamil A+ Formula Coupon

I know there will be more coupons coming, so I will update when they arrive!

Click HERE to sign up for yours - and if you cannot use it, maybe consider passing onto an expecting friend or donating to the Food Bank?