The Biggest Single Method To Saving the Most On Groceries

Also titled:  How To Price Match

Every week, each store selects certain items to feature in weekly flyers.  Not every item is actually on sale, and not every sale is truly a savings once you compare the prices amongst them all.

What if you could just buy the lowest priced items, saving the most money?

Most people think you would have to drive around to each store and buy only the items actually on sale.  Once upon a time, you actually did.  So most shoppers would pick the store with generally the lowest prices and buy what they needed, hoping for the best.

But in this very competitive day, stores are vying for your attention, hoping to sway you with the impressions of the best savings.  And some stores are so confident that their prices are the lowest, that if you find a lower price - they will match it!  This is Price Matching.

With a store that Price Matches, you just have to show the cashier the lower price in a flyer, and they will adjust the price to meet it.  This makes every flyer a flyer for these stores.

Now, not every store Price Matches, and not every Price Matching store will match all stores.  Some stores will match online prices, some stores will only match stores within a 2km radius.  Depending on your store, you'll have to talk to Customer Service to find out all their details.

Personally, I use Real Canadian Superstore for 90% of my shopping - as my local store will Price Match all the major grocery stores as well as all their banners (Loblaws, No Frills, YIG, Valu-Mart, Shoppers, etc...)  They do have some restrictions - they limit quantities to 4.  So the other 10% of my Price Matching comes from Walmart.  They do not limit quantities, but they do not match 2/$? sales - it has to have an individual price.

Some people grab their weekly flyers, and using a sharpie marker, circle what they would like to purchase from each store.  You just have to show the cashier the flyers, and they will adjust the price.

But now, their in an AMAZING app Flipp.  It's available on Google and Apple.  It collects all the local flyers and you can click on each item in any flyer, which then creates a list.  Just show your cashier the list as they are scanning your items and they will adjust the price.  I personally will also load the items onto the checkout belt in the order of my list, to make the whole process even faster.  It's so simple, but saves so much!

So be sure to look up the Price Matching policies HERE and stop in your local store and talk to Customer Service - they will have a brochure outlining their policies and are more than willing to share.

And if you'd like to check out Flipp - you can visit HERE.