Sobey's Pharmacy Free Baby Be Healthy Program

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If you're pregnant or planning a pregnancy, the Baby Be Healthy program is for you!

Here's why:

If you visit a Sobey's Pharmacy in person to sign up, you will receive:

~ Free Prenatal vitamins for the duration of your pregnancy
~ Free Pharmacist Consultation
~ Nutrition during your pregnancy
~ What to take if you have a headache, cold or other minor ailment
~ Prescription medications that you are currently taking
~ Which herbals are safe to take
~ Any other pharmacy-related questions regarding your pregnancy
~ Informative E-Newsletters and recommended web links
~ Ongoing support

If you sign up online, you will receive:

~ Informative E-newsletters
~ Recommended web links
~ Baby savings

And best of all, it's ALL FREE!

Visit the Sobey's web site HERE for more details, to sign up for the online program or find a location near you.