Fingerlings Only $7.49!

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It's rumoured that Fingerlings are going to be this Christmas's hard to get toy!

What is a Fingerling?

From their site:

" Fingerlings Baby Monkeys love hanging onto your finger and know when they're being touched, talked to, and even hung upside down! 
These perfect primate pets come to life with over 50 animations to let you know how they feel. You'll fall in love with these sweet and sometimes silly critters with their realistic monkey sounds, adorable blinking eyes and head turns, plus hands that grip and a curly hanging tail. You can swing them, pet them, hug and kiss them, plus rock them to sleep!"

Toys R Us is selling them for $19.99 + shipping (here)
Mastermind Toys is selling them for $19.99 + shipping (here) and they're currently sold out.
Showcase is selling them for $24.99 - includes shipping (here)

Right now on Amazon (here), they are starting at $7.49 with $4.49 shipping!  (Totals $11.98 and delivered to your door!)

Check them out HERE on Amazon, and order yours now before they run out!