Knorr and Hellmann's Coupon Booklet

There two different, yet identical, Knorr and Hellmann's coupon booklets out there.  Even the recipes are the same, but different covers.

They both include some delicious recipes, and the same coupons - with the same expiry dates.

Save $1 when you purchase any 2 Knorr Selects products.

Save $1 when you purchase any 1 Knorr Bouillon, 1 Knorr Soup and 1 Hellmann's product.

Expires November 30, 2017

Neither of these coupons are overly good - seeing as Knorr Selects averages $2.78, and the Bouillon, Soup AND mayo is just a wish coupon.

I will hang onto a few of them, just incase, but it will take a perfect trifecta of sales for me to use them, being so low value.

But the recipe for Sizzling Mexican Portobello Rice is one I will try!