FREE Yoplait Yogurt Freezer Pack Offer

Purchase $10 in participating Yoplait Products at Walmart and send in a picture of your receipt to claim a FREE Yoplait Yogurt Freezer Pack – perfect for lunch boxes!

Participating Products:
Yoplait® Tubes® (8×60 g, 24×60 g),
YOP® Drinkable (200 mL, 12×200 mL, 1 L),
Yoplait® Minigo® Yogurt (6×60 mL, 6×93 mL),
Yoplait® Minigo® Drinkable Yogurt (6×93 mL),
Yoplait® Whole Milk Yogurt (12×100 g),
Yoplait® Source® Yogurt (16×100 g, 16×90 g, 650 g),
Yoplait® Creamy (16×100 g),
Yoplait® Source Greek (8×100 g)

There are 7500 freebies to be claimed and the offer ends October 31, 2017

Click HERE for more details or to redeem.